first settlements on the territory of the future city of Teotihuacan have been in the form of villages, rallied around a mysterious cave, formed during the eruption of lava from a volcano.Locals attached great importance to the grotto, they believed that it is the door to the afterlife, through which to them down the gods themselves.

Later inhabitants of Teotihuacan culture essentially acted for the development of Aztec mythology and the subsequent tribes on the lands of Mexico.It does not stop it, and that the ruins of Aztec tribes were found many years after its complete destruction.Today, the city only a few mysterious monuments, "The Road of the Dead," Pyramid of the Sun Pyramid of the Moon, and mystical.It is through these magnificent buildings and the Aztecs cal
led Teotihuacán "City of the Gods."

Mysterious Pyramid of the Sun

Dead Road served as the main route for the inhabitants of Teotihuacan.Its length - 1.5 miles, continued along all the biggest structures of the city, including the pyramid of the sun.Its beauty and majesty of this building is particularly impressive visiting tourists.

Scientists do not know the true purpose of the pyramids of the Sun, but given its location - along the east-west axis along the line of the sun across the sky, there are suggestions that it symbolized the center of the universe, in other words the center of existence.

height of the pyramid now stands at 64.5 meters, which is the third indication for similar facilities around the world.The length of each base of the pyramid of the Sun is about 225 m. The original its size, according to archaeologists, it was significantly higher.This mighty structure is made of cobblestone, earth and clay, finished with stones outside the pyramid.On top of it is a wooden church.

Pyramid of the Moon

According to scientists, the Pyramid of the Moon was built between 200 and 450 g of n.e.She completed the bilateral symmetry of the entire complex of ancient buildings.

42-meter structure was intended for ritual sacrifices.The killing of the animals and the people here were carried out in the name of the goddess of the moon and the water Chalchiuhtlicue.From the Paths of the Dead to the construction, lined with hewn stone blocks, are narrow high steps, significantly complicating recovery.The pyramid is in the midst of a vast area.

complex of pyramids in Teotihuacan, like the pyramids of Egypt, is a wonderful structure, the construction of which was to be based on mathematical, geometric and astronomical knowledge that the ancients, according to experts, was not.