current China - is primarily an industrial-agrarian country where quite intricately intertwined features of traditional farming and modern economy.At present, China is actively developing petrochemicals, electronics, nuclear and space industries.
More recently, the majority of China's population saw no hot water and shower, and now these people are actively exploring computers.In this country, at every step you can see the neighborhood backward and progressive, new and old.
economic potential of modern China is really huge.As for the issue of major industrial and agricultural products, the national income it is already included in the first ten countries of the world.At this rate of growth and agricultural and industrial products in China are extremely high in the last decade are among the highest in the world.
just two decades of active reforms of the country's GDP has increased almost six-fold, in fact, it means a sixfold increase in the economic potential of the country.In China, continued growth of welfare and overall economic growth.The city is actively being capital construction, the government is investing in the development of all industries.According to government plans by 2050, China will reach the level of development that can be compared with the industrialized countries of Europe.
Currently in China inhabited by a few dozen nationalities, of which fifty-six officially recognized.Each nation has its own customs, costumes, and often with their own language.Moreover, all these peoples make up less than seven percent of the population of the whole country.The remaining ninety-three percent of China's population identify themselves as people of "Han".Active modernization of society, interethnic marriages lead to the disappearance of the differences between ethnic groups.
Despite the significant changes taking place in society, the Communist Party still enjoys the support of the masses.While economic growth will continue, the population of China is unlikely to deprive the support of their leaders.The Chinese tend to the desire for order and stability, so the existing political system (which is changing, giving more freedom to the country's population) are unlikely to get any serious shocks in the coming years.