Select the organizational and legal structure of the organization: non-profit organization, individual entrepreneur, Ltd., LLC.
Decide on name for the organization, which must be given organizational and legal norms, and the very name of the organization itself.
Select the address that will appear in the founding documents.Under Russian law, registration of the organization should be performed at the location of its executive body.If that is not yet defined, the registration is carried out at a nominal address.
Prepare documents on the establishment of the organization.Charter and founding agreement for the company, a charter for the Company and OJSC.
Make the authorized capital (for commercial organizations).The authorized capital is the property of the organization, se
rves as a guarantee of performance of an organization, the obligations assumed.
pay a state fee.
Prepare documents for registration and provide them to the tax office.The list of these documents include: the protocol of the general meeting, the founding documents, the original payment order of state duty, a statement on state registration of legal entities, where the applicant's signature notarized.In Moscow registration, regardless of the location of the organization, held in MIFNS №46 at marching travel, Bldg.1.
Make a print organization.Company Ltd. and shall have a round seal, which indicates the full company name in Russian and registered office.
be obtained from the Tax Inspectorate registered documents or the refusal to register.By law, the tax authorities shall make a decision on registration or refusal within five working days.Refuse tax authorities can only in the provision of incomplete set of documents or the documents in the tax office.The day after the registration of the tax authorities shall issue the documents submitted.
Open a bank account and notify the tax authorities within ten days.
Register organizing extra-budgetary funds.