concept of "creativity" has several aspects, and therefore outside the scope of interest of many scientific disciplines studying society and culture.Under creativity often realize individual or collective activities, the subject of which is the creation of new artistic forms.Palette Art is exceptionally broad, it reflects not only the features of the cultural life of the community, but also the technological innovations.
To understand the social nature of creativity is necessary to look back in history.The formation of creative activity had an enormous influence change in the living conditions of the population and the formation of cities.Citizens who have broken with the rural work, turned to
handicrafts, which gave unique masterpieces of culture.Very often the product of medieval masters, found application in everyday life, different forms of refinement and rich decoration.
social character of creativity apparent in carnival culture of the Renaissance.Mass celebrations, festivals, amusement ordinary people became part of the national culture and gave rise to various forms of folk art, passed through the centuries.Street creativity of the masses grew into national holidays, it also contributed to the development of theatrical art, social value is difficult to overestimate.
In its most advanced form of social work appears in the form of folklore.This term appeared in the middle of the XIX century and came to refer not only to folk poetry and literature, and folk traditions in the most general sense.Different kinds of folklore, including complexes of artifacts of culture, became an object of study within sociology and ethnography.
Sociologists detail and objectively study the economic, ideological and social conditions of the emergence and development of creativity, its information and technical equipment.One of the areas of sociological research is to study intercultural kinds of creative activity, which is considered as one of the leading factors in the development of ethnic and cultural traditions.
Creativity as a social phenomenon in a globalized society is still in demand, but in the modern post-industrial world there are active processes of cultural transformations usual forms of creative activity.Millennium creativity, through which implemented important social functions, remains sense-factor in public life.