Persons with such a status as "national", is entitled to rely on the assistance of the state, even if they do not live there and do not have its nationality.Since, according to the legislation of a number of countries, including Russia, compatriots considered not only the people who live in one state but have moved on and a temporary residence in another country.Moreover, the definition of "compatriots" fall even persons permanently living in another country and take her citizenship, if they are loyal to their former homeland and feel the spiritual and cultural bond with her.Similarly, nationals can be considered descendants of these people, then there are the heirs.
legal status of these people in detail in the Federal Law "On the State Policy of the Rus
sian Federation in respect of compatriots abroad."This document gives the following definition of "compatriots".According to this legislative act, fellow citizens - people who were born in the same country staying or residing in it and having the features of common language, religion, cultural heritage, traditions and customs, as well as descendants of these persons on the downlink.
The statute detail is treated as the concept of "compatriots abroad", which include Russian citizens permanently residing abroad, as well as people who have the citizenship of other states, but preserving the spiritual and cultural tieswith Russia.Among these individuals are the representatives of the peoples historically residing in the territory of Russia, as well as representatives of other nations, consciously made the choice in favor of spiritual and cultural ties with Russia.However, in the latter case, in order to be considered nationals, such persons must have relatives in the ascending line, who had previously lived on the territory of the Russian Federation (or the USSR or the Russian Empire).
Some Russian politicians have repeatedly taken the initiative to provide all compatriots who have citizenship of other countries, the right to visa-free entry to the Russian Federation.In their view, such a move would strengthen the relations of our country with foreign diasporas and would facilitate the repatriation of those who wish to return to Russia.However, these proposals have not yet taken the form of law.