male and female energies

If you think about it, the division of responsibilities between men and women has always existed.Many are accustomed to explain the fact that "men's" work requires more muscular effort and "female" - easier.But this is not always the case.Especially now, when a man has rarely have to deal with really hard physical labor.It turns out that the same duties are reduced to "to bring into the house of a mammoth," ie,to earn money for themselves and their families.

But the woman is now fully capable to provide themselves and their children.Why do not stop to consider the housework purely "female"?

The fact that men and women on the ground are qui
te different problems which are caused not so much by social conventions as different qualities of energy, which by nature endowed with both sexes.This tells in his book "Woman in a man's world" E. Veselnitskaya.

She noted that the specifics of the male energy - it is the desire for a particular purpose.Veselnitskaya calls this feature "winding down to a point."Women's Energy is the essence - a space which has no borders, no direction.

In practice, this means that for the implementation of joint goals and objectives (for example, in the family), a man and woman commit sequentially various steps in accordance with its nature.This happens as follows:

- sets the direction of a man;
- a woman offers space;
- man organizes the space;
- woman fills it;
- a man puts an end;
- female masters level.

male and female roles in family life

From these basic functions can be logically traced, how to build a harmonious relationship in the family."Steer", which specifies a man - this is the first step towards rapprochement.He takes care of a woman having her attentions, seeking her favor.

woman if she wants answers to his attention favor, showing mutual interest, taking his attentions - "provides the space".

man begins to organize space: determines the shape of their future co-existence (marriage, ad hoc meetings), building a house or find a place to live together.

Woman fills the space creates comfort, determines that it should be in the house, as the need to organize a joint life, etc.

Man puts an end: the level of construction is completed, you can move on to the next.For example, the birth of children, or to career growth.

Woman "masters" this position, that is, for example, receives his social status as a given and is waiting for the next step of the male.Thus, relations are developing in a pair of spiral, leaving each time a new level as a result of the joint efforts of both spouses.As for this, by the way, not only the family but also partnerships and friendships, and a different kind of harmony where there is interaction between representatives of opposite sexes.

you ask: where are cleaning, cooking and washing?What is this if not "fill the space"?It's the actions that allow to maintain comfort and order in the house, and therefore can be considered the matter of women.