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traditions as a necessary condition of life are due to culture the fact that neglect of them can lead to disturbances in the continuity of the development of both culture and society as a whole.However, if only to blindly worship traditions, society can degenerate into a sharply conservative.
notion of tradition is closely linked with the concept of a traditional society.The main feature of such a society - that is what the central place it will hold in the first place, religious and mythological system.They will be the basis of the political, social and cultural processes.
traditional society in human history takes quite a long period of time.Historians refer to it such times as the primitive, medieval feudalism and slavery.
tradition as the status of culture determines the position (or status) in society.It sets guidelines and principles.Therefore, we can assume that in this situation do not determine the status of a person, but rather, on the contrary, the status defines the functions and roles performed by a person.The man is in direct dependence on prescribed arguments of tradition, such as gender and age, belonging to a community (family and tribal, clan and territorial).
Lack of tradition as an element of culture is a tradition that can interfere with the progress of society and culture.If it does not go beyond the limits of the existing system traditionally, society and culture may simply die.Convincing arguments - is the disappearance of the ancient peoples who lived in the flowering and the development of civilization.
scientific views on the concept of tradition until the middle of last century came from the approach that has been developed Vebret M. He was reduced to a rigid antithesis of rational and traditional categories.As part of the modernization approach, tradition is a negative phenomenon that hinders the development of both culture and society.She was considered a phenomenon of the dying, which can not resist modern forms of life.But on the 60th.the last century look at this issue has changed dramatically.It was assumed that tradition and innovation - things are interrelated.You can not move forward, forgetting about the history of their ancestors, their experience gained over the centuries, and does not currently adopting their wisdom.