Dome of the Rock - one of the major shrines of the Muslims.Attraction is where was formerly the famous and magnificent temple of King Solomon.Its decoration is impressive size golden dome on top of which is a crescent moon.Dome is the symbol of the sacred rock, in particular, the summit of Mount Moriah, according to legend, it is the center of the world.
Omar Mosque (Al-Aqsa Mosque) was built on the Temple Mount, which was previously the second Jewish Temple, Caliph Omar for prayers by Muslims.In 745, it was damaged due to a strong earthquake, its recovery takes Abbasid al-Mansur.Somewhere in 1035, was created a modern form of the mosque.In 1100 the Crusaders took Jerusalem, who rebuilt the mosque into a Christian church.But in 1188 the Crusaders out o
f town, and once again become a shrine to belong to the Muslim people.In today's time of the Crusaders left the chapel of Zacharias, and even knights' hall in the west and the east wing of the mosque.
Dome of the Rock is not only a significant Muslim shrine, but also one of the most important and most beautiful monuments in the Middle East.Dome sufficiently large in size and a length of 80 m and a width of 55 m, it has an octagonal shape.Central gallery structures supported by columns, as well as six of the side galleries.Entrance to the mosque open seven front doors and four passes at the ends.The ceilings in the galleries and the spherical dome covered with mosaics.The exterior walls are decorated with blue tiles and a dome covered with aluminum sheets, which are the color of gold.
Inside the column as the mosque is divided into three circles.In the middle is a shapeless lump, made of white limestone, it is a relic of Solomon's temple.Beneath it is a cave where you want to go in eleven steps.On the ceiling of the cave there is a hole out of it flowed the blood of animals offer a sacrifice.The mosque has an impressive cellar, which is called "Solomon's Stables" at the time the knights of King Solomon kept horses here.
Traditionally, Muslims make a pilgrimage, bypass 7 laps around the sacred rock.I must say that the Mosque of Omar is no less revered place for people of other religions.Christians and Jews also come here, but the entrance is open for them not always.On holidays, revered by Muslims as well as on Friday only representatives of this religion can get to the monastery.