How did the word "knight»

Knighthood as a class played a large role in many countries and has long been the main military force, the decisive outcome of the battle.

The term "Knight" has Germanic roots.The word «ritter» in German means "rider."Thus, the basic meaning of the term - an equestrian warrior.Since ancient times, cavalry played a huge role in the military.Mounted units conducted reconnaissance, make long raids behind enemy attacked his foragers.But the main thing - they could decide the outcome of the battle, as the cavalry has great penetrating power.Therefore, the presence of cavalry combat-ready in every state pays very big role.

Not every man fit for military affairs, could take the field on horseback.After all, content warhorse cost a lot of money, and horseback riding lessons and attack in close formation required a lot of time and effort.It was available only to wealthy people enough.Gradually, in many states, including ancient Rome, there was a special class - "riders".It was obliged to send to the war-time service of a certain number of horsemen, armed them and provide everything you need.

This class riders from the beginning of the Middle Ages it became the prototype of the knight.Gradually, with the development of technology, weapons and armor of knights became more powerful, lightweight chain mail with false plates replaced the shells that cover almost the entire body.A full set of armor would weigh about 40-45 kilograms.Horses often defended armor, covering the front part of the body.Attack in close order of heavily armed horsemen could break through any defense Corps, even the brave and well-trained.And only with the advent of firearms knightly cavalry gradually began to lose its significance.

Who can become a knight

to the Knight's estate could only belong to a man of noble birth.His devoted knighted for committing a deed, or for conscientious and diligent service.When the rite future knight bowed the knee, and to spend (as a rule, his overlord) gets him a symbolic blow on the shoulder with a sword drawn.After that, Knight received the right to wear an ornate belt and golden spurs.He had to adhere strictly to the code of chivalrous honor, though in reality it does not always happen.