desire Surganova

«Yard spirits" became the object of attention and searches in 2004 - immediately after the television program "Stories in the details" with Svetlana Surganova.The popular singer of songs then brought in one of the courtyards of St. Petersburg, it was presented as the legendary "Yard spirits", and offered to make a wish.

According Surganova and did not name or address, or the hidden her desire to eventually do come true.The best advertising and could not be - in search of the yard, free spirits which fulfill any dreams, hundreds of people went.The lack of precise coordinates, as well as inf
ormation that go into the yard a stranger is difficult, lovers of exotic and adventure does not stop.

Moreover, quickly appeared on the Internet a few addresses that "Yard spirits" supposedly located.And all of them directly or indirectly indicate the Vasilevsky Island that only adds to the history of mysticism and intrigue.Most of the "voices" collected three versions of the location of the famous courtyard.By the way, to call it the exact address is considered to be loud in St. Petersburg a bad omen. According to Russian historians, Vasilevsky Island is located on the site of ancient pagan temples.It is possible that this fact largely predetermines the mystical aura of the area.

«Where is the street where this house?»

first version sent to the house №5 on Repin Street on the fourth line of the island.It is necessary to pass from the Grand Avenue in the first archway and into the farthest entrance.Or as they say St. Petersburg group - the front door.By the way, once this address was an apartment house Leopold Koenig, whose occupant was one of the most mysterious artists of the XX century, Nicholas Roerich.Had he not become the root cause of the appearance of the legend?

version №2 - home to the "pit" on the 16th or the 17th line of Vasilevsky Island.The third common option is considered an old Petersburg house at number 16 on the 7th of the island.He is known, above all, the fact that it once housed a pharmacy Alexander Pel - famous Russian chemist, a court physician and pharmacist of the XIX century, supposedly invented the secret of eternal youth.

Now the house is a museum of Pel pharmacy.In the same yard is located not less than the famous "Tower of griffins."The height of the tower with a tin roof reaches eleven meters in diameter - about two meters.The most mysterious in the brick tower that it is incomprehensible to outsiders painted with white numerals. According to legend, St. Petersburg, Professor Alexander Pel bred huge griffins, which at night out for a walk, scaring passers-rare.See griffins Pel, by the way, sometimes you can now - in window reflections house museum.

Legends 2x1.5

addition to addresses in the same Internet a lot of photos of the yard, which is a standard for St. Petersburg "well" between the walls of houses with iron bars at the top.But they only add to the confusion and doubt.After all, according to some sources, the size of "the Court of spirits" are about two and a half meters, and on the other they are somewhat longer.Basic legends from the mysterious court also three.

most mysterious looks first.According to her, there has long live the good spirits that protect the islanders from the troubles and worries, helps people overcome all earthly troubles.The second and the most popular story says that if you come to the "wells", his head held high and make a wish, it will surely come.That is how in 2004 and entered the founder of "Night Snipers" Svetlana Surganova.

Finally, a third legend is directly related to romance and maybe even to entomology.Indeed, some experts say that in the courtyard, "Vaska" how the Vasilyevsky Island St. Petersburg group, lives unknown to science butterfly.Seeing it, you can immediately find true love.