Africa - the ancestral home of modern humans

most ancient representative of the species Homo sapiens lived on Earth for about two million years ago.This recent conclusion of scientists opposed to the conclusion of other researchers that Homo sapiens did not mean more than 200 thousand years.These experts believe that the genus Homo arose and evolved rather quickly.His ancestor became isolated group of African hominids.These are the two debaters each other hypothesis - poliregionalnaya hypothesis "matriarch Eve."Proponents of both theories agree that human ancestors arose in Africa, and human migration from Africa began about a million years ago.

In accordance with the hypothesis of "matriarch Eve," a modern form of Homo Sapiens to adapt quick
ly to a changing environment and, in turn, drove the other subtypes."Eve" lived about 200 thousand years ago.Poliregionalnaya theory states that the genus Homo arose two million years ago and gradually spread through the whole planet.Evolution took its course, and the group of the human race lived in the cold ground, became more solid build and blond hair.Among the people who inhabited the steppes, the benefits of getting individuals with a strong upper eyelid, protects the eyes from wind and sand.And those who lived in a hot humid climate, have become different dark skin and "cap" of curly hair that could be protected from the harmful effects of the sun.So on Earth appeared the race - formed a group of people united by common hereditary traits.

peoples of the earth

In those days the representatives of Homo lived few isolated communities.For the production of food and the survival of such communities needed to monitor a wide area, which provided a natural barrier to the rapid growth in the number of people.Even the transition from hunting and farming to animal husbandry, too, did not allow for a sharp increase in the required settlements.Contacts with the other settlements were practically absent, since the presence of a neighbor meant, first of all, the existence of a direct competitor and a threat to the survival of the community.Thus, a group of people settled in large areas, have evolved in isolation for a very long period of time is enough to have occurred in their language of communication, the specific rules of conduct, beliefs, traditions, that is, the unique cultural attributes.Thus, began to appear as a community of nations, different language, culture and traditions.That is, those characteristics that are not transferred by inheritance.

Today, man belongs to a particular people is determined not only and not so much a geographical place of birth or residence, and education and cultural heritage that bears this person.