the Day of Russia June 12, 2012 Moscow Planetarium marks the first anniversary of its operation after reconstruction.On the occasion of the feast of dual leadership of the planetarium has decided to make an entrance on this day free, it promised to take five thousand visitors.That admire a painting of the sky will be completely free, Muscovites have been notified in advance.That this was the reason that the planetarium in the Day of Russia, thousands of people gathered.

every half hour in the planetarium allowed for three hundred and fifty people, but all is not diminished.At the gate in the fence of metal bars held back the crowd only a few police officers.Crush began about 14 hours, under the pressure of the crowd standing at the rail, people were pressed to the bars.The si
tuation was aggravated by strong stuffiness, some people fainted.They assisted the doctors of the Center for Emergency Medical Aid.One of the residents of the Moscow region was taken to hospital with abdominal trauma, but after a medical examination she was allowed to go home.

Construction of the Moscow planetarium began Sept. 23, 1928, the day of the vernal equinox.The main works were completed in August 1929, in a spherical dome was installed projector Zeiss.The grand opening of the planetarium was held November 5th, 1929, this day is considered the birthday of the Moscow planetarium.His work, he did not stop even during the difficult years of the Great Patriotic War, one of his problems at this time was the preparation of astronomy military pilots and intelligence officers.

long time Moscow Planetarium was one of the best in the world, but it gradually dilapidated equipment.Set in 1977, a modern projector to correct the situation somewhat, but the new era demanded the introduction of advanced technologies, and in 1994 the Moscow Planetarium was closed for major repairs.Due to lack of sufficient funding, and later because of disputes owners reconstruction dragged on for many years, and only in 2011 the Moscow Planetarium finally began again to receive visitors.It is a pity that the celebration of the anniversary of his work after the reconstruction was accompanied by a crush in which people have suffered.It is hardly necessary to doubt, that the leadership of the planetarium will make appropriate conclusions and such a situation will not happen again.