State power in its infancy was a primitive communal system, which is inherent equality and community of property.It was replaced by a class system that divides people into rich and poor, powerful and powerless.The basic principles of communism to rely just on the primitive way - equality and community.

Code of the Builder of Communism

«Code of the Builder of Communism" was adopted by the 22nd Congress of the CPSU Central Committee, contained a set of principles of communist morality.It was a moral document, which contained a number of principles of morality of the Soviet man.Love and devotion to the motherland and the party.Work for the good of society, the preservation and multiplication of the public domain, collectivism and comradely mutual respect and humanity to each other.Morality, honesty
, truthfulness, fight against laziness, injustice, careerism, mutual violence, intolerance of racial division. Not all the inhabitants of pre-revolutionary Russia adopted a "Code of the Builder of Communism."Many bright minds, disappointed in the policies of the Soviet government, left the country and became disgraced immigrants. main goal of Soviet society was considered freedom of the people, the destruction of the enemies of communism, brotherhood and solidarity.Now more and more this code is compared with the Bible."Code" is really contained a number of universal values ​​laid down in the light of communist ideology.The main objective of the Code was in the moral education of the person.The building of communism has always carried the joy of the masses, making believe and sincerely committed to the grace, "Code of the Builder of Communism" supported these sentiments.

psychological impact

communist system in general and the "Code of the Builder of Communism" in particular have a profound psychological impact on the minds of Soviet man.It was carried out by filling the inner spiritual light and joy. «Code of the Builder of Communism" became the most efficient instrument control the masses.People wanted to show their devotion to the communist system, posting red flags in the windows and balconies. people, without realizing it, imbued with the ideas of the "Code" took everything it set out as inviolable, taboo truth.This document has become the perfect instrument control the masses through positive motivation.At the same time the failure of the laws "Code" severely punished.