One of the main factors of the popularity of a language is its economic viability.The stronger the economy of a country, the more popular the language of the state in the world.

English and German?

you travel frequently or are looking for a good job?Then, without any knowledge of English you will seriously complicate their lives.English - indeed the most popular language in the world and they are, in varying degrees, speak all over the world.If you plan to work in the field of science - mathematics, programming, physics and other natural sciences, economics or business to engage not only in their own country to work in media, often travel the world, knowledge of the language is extremely make your life easier.

Then, if you follow the same logic - work and travel, the next most popula
r is the German language.The German economy is currently one of the leading in the world, more so if you are in engineering, medicine or law, knowledge of German will increase your chances on the labor market.And he travels can certainly help.The Germans, after the Japanese, one of the most traveling nations, so knowledge of German as well as English at a minimum level, there is almost total staff worldwide.

Chinese or Spanish?

Our planet is home to around half a billion people, for which the Chinese as their mother tongue.That is at least three times more people speak Chinese than, for example, in English.Given the fact that China's economy is growing rapidly and penetrates virtually all spheres of modern life, the time to learn the language just will not be wasted.Taking into account the trends of recent political events - the reorientation of Economy and Finance of Russia from west to east - is for the Russians in the coming years, the Chinese language can be one of the most basic means of communication.

Strictly speaking, according to the same prerequisites - reorientation of Russian economic life, in the daily life of ordinary Russians in the next decade may need three, or one of three languages: Chinese, Hindi and Spanish.

Speaking of Spanish.As shown by recent studies, Spanish is the second language after Chinese in the world in the prevalence (even tweeted).The number of Hispanics in the world has more than 495 million people (for example - 341 million English-speaking).New partners of the Russian economy in Cuba, South and Central America speak exclusively in their native - Spanish.With English and Chinese they have problems.

popularity of various criteria in all areas of human life and language is no exception.But determining motivation of the need for this information, it is easy to determine, and with the popularity.