have regulations on compulsory state insurance Article 969 of the Civil Code.The article said that the measure provides for social interests of the citizens in public office of categories B and C, established by law on the foundations of the civil service in the Russian Federation.Policyholders, to allocate funds for this purpose are the ministries or other bodies of executive power.That is, in fact, money is allocated from the state budget.
Insurance organizations carrying out this type of insurance, it must have the appropriate authority.The relationship between the insurer and the insured shall be based on insurance contracts, the amount of payment which is determined by law or other regulations.
subjects of this type of insurance are as gover
nment agencies, and some categories of citizens - individuals.In particular, it can expect the military and those citizens who are on the agenda of military enlistment offices are called upon for military training.Insured in the system of compulsory state insurance are employees of internal affairs bodies, the penal system, the tax police and the State Fire Service.
not hurt the state and the employees of the staff of the foreign intelligence agencies - insurance payments for this category of public servants up to 180 salaries they pay.Judges are independent in fact, also insured by the state in the amount of salary for the period of fifteen years.Insurance also put arbitration and jurors, prosecutors, investigators and investigators, those who carry out operational investigative activities and the police, maintain order and ensuring the safety of citizens.
to those whom the state has provided such social protection, are also employees of the Federal Security Service, prosecutors, employees of control, customs and tax authorities.But the state insurance provided not only for those who are civil servants and belongs to one of these categories, but also for their loved ones.