Tip 1: How Google is trying to legalize same-sex marriage

large corporation - it is not only services rendered or goods sold.Marketers by all means give the faceless brand is not only the style, but the character, habits, and even beliefs.An excellent example of this is Google, which suddenly engaged in activities "not profile": the legalization of same-sex relationships.

first liberalism News Corporation was in 2008.At this time, the government of California began to consider a bill that marriage may enter only the people of the opposite sex, to be the largest search engine on the planet immediately reacted in his personal blog: "... we must not restrict anyone's fundamental rights - to marry a loved one isdepending on orientation. "This did not stop, because today Google has launched a large-scale campaign Ā«Legalise loveĀ».

Newsboys, based on the event in 2008, decided that Google intends to fight for the legalization of gay marriage.In fact, it was not quite true: the struggle will be conducted by itself for the legitimacy of homosexual relations.

Representatives internet giant said that the best example of "their client" is the Singapore government, which claims to be a serious place in world politics but, at the same time, at the legislative level declares homosexuality a criminal offense.According to the company's management this policy is shortsighted.

program for the "legalization of Love" contains several paragraphs.The first is to support gay shares "guglovtsy" stated that 40 employees will go to the "World Pride Parade" in London, and, moreover, organizes summit "Gayglers" (analogue of "Googlers").

In addition, the plan includes a community financial support of politicians: in particular those who will be during the election campaign expressed support for the homosexual community.Specific

Google's actions in this, yet end.However, more important than the mere fact that Legalize Love was announced: it means that the company gets in the "active position", and will continue to move in this direction, increasingly expanding the scope of its activities.And since the ultimate goal of the program is the "legalization of homosexuality in the world," runs the risk of its implementation take a very long time.

Tip 2: How to legalize a diploma

If you are going to work abroad, you will need to legalize all your documents to give them legal force in another country.And the legalization of the procedure is carried out only in the country in which you were given these documents.For example, diploma of education.
How to legalize a diploma
Remove deployed photocopies diploma well.Refer to the notary, it is desirable to this, which is already faced with the process of legalization diploma s.Ask in advance in the local Chamber of Notaries, is there in your town such specialists.
Imagine a notary is not only a copy, but the original diploma well.The notary must verify compliance with the original copies, write notarization and put a seal at the bottom of the sheet, hem sheets of this new annex to the diploma have.In the upper right corner is stamped "copy."Payment of notary services.
Contact your local translation company, has a state license for the provision of such services.Usually translated only into English, but some countries require that diploma was transferred and their official language.Within 7 days you will receive a translated copy of the diploma well.On the transfer must necessarily be signed by the person who engaged in them.Payment for the services of an interpreter.
Refer again to the same notary to he assured foreign-language copy of the diploma well.The notary must certify the signature of the translator to have them certified copies in Russian.After a visit to the notary in the foreign-language copies to be notarization and printing.Notary fees.
If you legalizuete diploma country signatory to the Hague Convention (about 80 countries), then you can put down an apostille (a stamp confirming receipt diploma and the Russian Federation) in the Department of Justiceyour region, and if not - it is only the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation and the Consulate of the country.
contact the Department of Justice or the Ministry of Justice, provide all documents (passport, original and copy of a diploma a) and get details for court fees.Apostille takes no more than 1 day.