held on the event with 18.09 on 20.09.Terms of the organizers have chosen not by chance.This is a period of lull that comes after the spring-summer cycle of holidays and events, such as graduation parties, massive street festivals, corporate trips, sporting events, weddings, and other cities.
detailed program of the event you can not know until you visit this exhibition.With regard to the pre-program, it will be about the following:

1. Exposure.At this stage of the event, you'll learn about the organizers, contractors, technological innovation, venues for events, the elements of the show events.

2. Show area.This includes the presentation of upcoming events, funds, shares and festivals, as well as fragments of shows and performances, performances and demonstration of te
chnological achievements from the field show.

3. Business program.Under this program, the exhibition will be held Congress event-technology called Event Experience.It is an essential tool to attract the professional audience to the event.
Also at the Expo 2012 will be held seminars, conferences, training for event organizers, contractors and customers, presentation venues and events, innovations in various areas of the industry, calls for tenders.
It is worth to mention the independent award in the field of event-industry.This is an Event Expert.It will also be a ceremony of awarding the participants of the market, which were marked by independent industry experts, and social events, taking place in the exhibition.
If you are a customer, contractor, organizer of events, can express themselves, make a call to the Exhibition Management Event Expo Moscow +7 (495) 505-08-74.To ask a question about the participation in the activities of exhibitions and expositions, as well as learn all the latest achievements in the field of event-industry call on the same phone.