emergence of the term

Changes in attitude towards sex in society is primarily due to the structure of power.In ancient times, sexual violence could be a ritual.Symbolism in the commission of sexual intercourse was replaced with a vision of sex as a taboo.In the early XX century, even partial nudity condemned.Sex before marriage was not valid.The attitude to contraception and abortion was strictly negative.

But in the 20s in America begins dismantling the old foundations.People are becoming more free, a decade of jazz and parties comes into its own.In the 30 years of the publication of the book by Reich "sexual revolution", select the term for the first time.

He described his own program of transformation of society, based on the resolution of abortion, divorce, issuing contraceptives an
d sexual education.

origin of the sexual revolution

society of the last century to a point considered gender relations through the prism of Christian morality.Taboo on a series of actions gave rise to the tradition of "Trapped" in this issue.Freud became one of the first steps to the study of sexuality.The whole theory of psychoanalysis, he connected with sex and its impact on the individual.

in Russia in the 20s there is a "theory of a glass of water."Its essence is simple: to commit a sexual act as simple as drinking a glass of water.The authorship of the work attributed to many activists of the Soviet Union, including Alexandra Kollontai.The party fought this doctrine, including its bourgeois intrigues.

In fact, radical leftist parties in many countries to promote freedom of morals and promoted the development of the sexual revolution.But their actions are not very successful.

heyday of the sexual revolution

When people talk about how the sexual revolution, most often have in mind the events of the 70s.This is due to the maturation of the postwar generation.Power no longer has the power over the ethical aspects of society.The youth begins rebel, listen to rock and preach freedom.Back in the '60s hippie culture there, advocating a world without war and free love.

consequences of this revolution was the development of new genres of music subcultures "children of the sun," the group.Many films dedicate the topic of sexual Reformation until now.

Sexual Revolution emancipated society is completely changing his way of thinking.