Primordial entering Greek words in Russian language due to objective historical factors - economic and Christian.
At the time of Kievan Rus maintained close trade relations with Byzantium.It is for this reason that the Russian language has penetrated a large number of Greek word
s related to trade and navigation.Words such as "ship", "sail", "bed", "lemon", "cucumber", "lantern" hit the Russian language in this way.At first they used the only merchants, but then they gradually take root and appeared in the lexicon of other people.Now, very few people know that the word "kimarit" was also there.From the Greek is translated as "sleep."
With the adoption of Christianity of Kievan Rus took also a number of Greek words of religious values.Words such as "Angelos" "Apostolos", "demonos" never requested transfer.And the "Bible", "gospel", "icon" - also came from Greece.
contributed to this process and the Greek culture, and education.They brought in a Russian vocabulary words such as "philosophy", "Mathematics", "astronomy", "book", "School»
Many Greek words were borrowed by Latin.As a result, all the words ending in "cracy" (democracy) logy (chronology), "EMA" (dilemma problem system) came from there.
part of Greek origin can be found in parts of compound words: Aqua (water), chrono (time), geo (earth).Especially a lot of them in the names of different sciences.There are often present Greek roots such as logos (word) and graph (write).In the latter case, these words are usually used just two Greek roots.Geography - the description of the land, geology - Earth sciences, autograph - writing itself.
There are Russian and borrowed two Greek words.For example, the word "Mesopotamia".So once called the area between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.It is directly borrowed from the Greek "mesos" (middle, in the middle of being) and Potamos (River).And there is also a derivative of the Russian tracing the words "between two rivers".There are other similar examples: aligoriya - allegory - an allegory, a symphony - Symphony - harmony, symmetry - symmetry - proportionality.
And finally, there are borrowing their Greek language, which from derivatives of these Russian words have nothing to do within the meaning of, and sometimes used in the opposite meaning.Since the Greek word "idiotos" literally translates as "a private person.In the Russian language the word "idiot" - a person suffering from mental retardation.But the Greek word "chips, which occurred on Russian" school "and do means" leisure, entertainment, recreation. "