«Control walks" were held in Moscow on 13 May in St Petersburg on May 20.The organizers of the march in Moscow were intellectuals: writers, journalists, musicians.The action was attended by 2 to 15 thousand people according to various sources.Among them were many well-known figures of culture, art and politics: Boris Akunin, Dmitry Bykov, Alexei Kortnev, Artemy Troitsky, Andrei Makarevich, Ulitskaya, Marianne Maks
imovskaya, Lev Rubinstein, Dmitry Glukhov Viktor Shenderovich and others.

procession marched from Pushkin Square on Chistoprudny Boulevard to the monument to Kazakh poet Abai Kunanbayev.As we move to join her new and new participants.Some inconvenience experienced motorists traveling on Chistoprudny Boulevard which was difficult.

This march had stressed the peaceful nature, held no political slogans, posters and provocations.People sang songs and had fun, the general mood was very positive.However, in the end the leaders could not resist a small rally.Although the campaign has not been sanctioned by the police no action to disperse the people are not taken.

In St. Petersburg, a similar action was held May 20 and gathered about 800 people.The route ran through the Nevsky Prospekt from St. Isaac's Square to the Arts and back.The participants of the procession were carrying white balloons.In the area of ​​Arts held an impromptu concert.Such a large number of famous people, as in Moscow, the action is not collected, but on Wednesday was seen marching director Alexander Sokurov.The event was peaceful and culturally.The police did not touch the demonstrators, but forbade performance of the song "Putin, skis, Magadan."

Next "Control Walk" in St. Petersburg is scheduled on May 27.Perhaps, the event will bring a lot more people, as held in the City Day.