History Portuguese

On the right of discovery mailbox insist Portuguese.According to them, this unpretentious subject of more than five hundred years.In 1500, Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias was in severe sea storm off the coast of South Africa, which lost most of its team and the captain himself.The survivors decided to return home to Portugal, but before the departure, they describe all their misadventures in the letter, which was put in an old shoe and hanged on a tree.So they tried to tell future generations about their fate, in the event of the death of the whole expedition.A year later, Joao da Nova, the captain of the ship sailing to India landed on the South African shore and found this message in the shoe.In honor of the dead sailors, he built a chapel in this place, and later gre
w and settlement here.For a long time, old shoe "work" mailbox, and now in its place installed huge shoe monument made of stone.

History Italian

not remain indifferent to the mailboxes and the Italians.According to historians in Florence at the beginning of the XVI century it was installed mailboxes from a tree, which was called "Tamburi".They were placed in places where people - in squares and major religious temples.Tamburi had a gap at the top, which imperceptibly could drop an anonymous denunciation of enemies of the state.It is said that this idea prompted the idea of ​​the collection methods of private letters of the French Count Renoir de Vilayat.

History French

According to some sources the first French mailbox became public more than 360 years ago, as evidenced by entries in the old city post Securities in Paris.On the orders of Louis XIV of 1653 was created the town post office, the management of which was entrusted to Count Jean Renoir de Vilayat.In those days, the town's only friend was allocated to rent a small room in the Rue Saint-Jacques, where everyone could send a letter, upon payment of postage.The small size of the mail room with difficulty to accommodate all comers, and Earl decided to install an additional mailboxes, which could put the letter.To the letter reached the addressee, it was necessary to pre-pay a single fare.Especially for this purpose it has been released mailing labels or "ribbon-shaped parcel", which was the date of payment of postage.Buy such a label can be not only a mail clerk at the royal court, but in monasteries, from Switzerland and so on. These labels were attached to the letter so that the postal worker could easily separate them, leaving himself a kind of post receipt for the report.