Language and History

Most known to you the history of humanity is represented in manuscripts, writings, documents, publications.At the same time one of the first material on which to write, is a stone, papyrus, birch bark.

language with a fairly extensive resources in all colors can show the pictures of the past.All the historical events presented in the light of seeing the world of individual authors.Therefore, the story set forth even documentary works, closest to the objective display of events, not without a share of subjectivity, and is part of the world culture.As cultural heritage and at the same time as the historic and legal document, fo
r example, are considered "Manu" and a work of art "Lay" embodies the spirit of its time and sends the event in color.

Language and Literature

literature, being one of the central components of culture, does not exist outside of language.It is through language writers sharing their incredibly complex and interesting inner world.Verbally described artistic images are animated by your imagination.

Also, language is a bridge between eras.With language known contemporaries such works of antiquity as the "Iliad" and "Odyssey", is considered the cradle of mankind.In ancient writings revealed the mythology of the world.Each era is most clearly represented in the works of its authors-contemporaries, famous and not.

And speaking of preferences, sometimes to read a work of art is much more exciting than to see created on the basis of its movie.In addition, the standard language is much broader and richer than ordinary language, it is itself a cultural heritage.

Communication generations

Language has a very useful function of transmitting information.It is because languages ​​are spoken across generations.Grandma sends accumulated over the years and received inherited the experience, knowledge and achievements in the arts and crafts of his granddaughter, and she - his descendants.So happens oral succession of folk wisdom and creativity of the life experience.In this case, language is the carrier of folklore.Moreover, as a formal interpretation, it is reflected in the works of individual authors.

With language you can come into contact with centuries of human creativity, and even make their mark in the world of culture.