In history books this atrocity made to attribute the Nazis.This release unconditionally believed for decades.However, in recent years, the details emerge, once the secret.But first, is still considered a classic version of events.

Khatyn: books that tell

Nazis broke into Khatyn March 22, 1943, and surrounded her.It is believed that their brutality was largely triggered by the murder of the village close to the German officer.People driven from their homes, did not spare anyone, men, women, children and elderly.The aim was to gather all in one barn.Some children managed to hide from the Nazis.They tried to flee into the forest, but were overtaken by bullets.One girl held his own fascist and shot in front of his father.

When found ourselves in a barn all the inhabitants of Khatyn, the Nazis besieged it with straw, doused w
ith gasoline and set on fire.People trying to get in terror, leaving the doors were torn down and the villagers fled.However, all had fled were shot by the Nazis.Managed to save only two girls, they are in a critical condition picked up villagers Khvorosteny.Also survived and two boys.One of them lay under his mother's corpse and another was wounded by the Nazis and taken them for dead.In total 149 people were killed, including 75 children.Village Nazis looted and burned.

woke up after the tragedy, the only surviving adult villager - blacksmith Joseph Kaminsky.It is found among the corpses of his son, but he was mortally wounded and died literally at his father's hands.This image was taken as the basis for the design of the memorial complex Khatyn, a man with a dead child in her arms - the only sculpture in it.

New details

On the morning of March 22 guerrillas deliberately damaged link fascists.Troubleshoot dispatched 118 police unit guarding the battalion, but was ambushed.He was killed by a known person in Germany - Hans Welke, who was the commander.Once this man won the Olympics.118 Police Battalion played a major role in the burning of the village of Khatyn.It included near Kiev captured soldiers and the people of Ukraine.Chief of Staff Gregory Vasyura previously was a senior lieutenant of the Red Army.

by the Germans led by Erich Kerner, he ordered Vasyura burn the village together with the residents.After the war, the executioners hidden, manipulated documents and tried to start a new life.But since 1974, it has been a number of arrests and punishment of key figures in the 118 battalion.Gregory Vasyura managed to escape justice until the mid-80s, by which time he was awarded the medal "Veteran of Labor" and positioned himself as the honored veteran.