to a letter arrived at its destination in Ukraine, in the top right corner of the envelope must be glued to the desired number of marks.They specify the number of employees at the address in person or on the phone.The shipping costs depend on the distance to the destination and urgency of delivery.You can buy stamps at the post office in Russia and in kiosks "Sojuzpechat."
print clearly fill line "To" and "Where", indicating name and address of the recipient.Sender fields are optional.But in this case the letter will not return back, if you do not reach the addressee.
to send an Ukraine , go to mail not necessary.The envelope can be dropped in any mailbox.But then a letter will go long.
to a letter came quickly, g
o to the post office in Russia.In each of them there is a special drawer for international correspondence.Placing an envelope in it, you can save time on grading.
Registered letter to Ukraine to submit through a special window at the post office in Russia.In order to be accepted, the post office employee show a passport.Document data will contribute to the database.If the envelope reaches the destination, it will certainly be returned to the sender.In addition to regular passport as proof of identity can be presented:
- passport;
- military ID;
- a residence permit;
- certificate of a member of the Federation Council or the State Duma;
- a national passport or identity card with a Russian visa.
on the envelope indicated the exact address of the recipient with an index of his first name and patronymic.The name of the organization - if the letter is addressed to a legal entity.Paragraphs "return address" and "sender's name" in the registered items are mandatory.
registered mail is assigned an identification number which can be tracked his movements to the recipient.In any postal transit point these numbers are entered into the database.If the letter is lost, it can be found on the site of what happened.When the mail gets to the correct post office, sent the ticket comes with a notice that it expects envelope.If you want the mail was handed by hand, tell it to the registration officer.He will make a special mark on the envelope.