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problems in education did not arise suddenly.They were always there, because education - is constantly developing and improving the system.

In the middle of the 20th century in Russia, education came to an unattainable height in comparison to the global level.The country has managed to councils throughout introduce universal secondary education.In good standing appeared universities that produce highly skilled professionals that are scattered all over the world.Chemistry, Physics and others. Science - Russian scientists were nowhere to be equal.

But then began a period of a recession, when Western countries began to actively develop and invest financial resources in its educational system, and caught up with the USSR.It was affected by the situation in the country as a whole.Socio-economic and political problems, a change of ideology and consci
ousness of the average Soviet citizen - all of this has changed the social order.
It should be remembered that the development of education and modifying its systems are always associated with the social order of society, with what a citizen should get "out."In the middle of the 20th century - it is a builder of communism, accordingly, education and training - from the manger to the institute - were built under the order.

Today the situation has changed radically.With decades thinned cultural stratum of Russian society.That "layer" of the intelligentsia, which was earlier thinned.There are new priorities - money, career, personal well-being.Depending on the popularity of acquiring new promising profession: programmer, lawyer and so on. Teachers, doctors, engineers lost their former social status and respect for the profession.

Young people, in turn, to fully appreciate the lack of demand in the society of knowledge and talent.Now, young people are no longer so important family, community, understanding.Company split, the loss of a sense of community.

Education Today

with the onset of challenging the 90s there has been staff turnover from school.It is now possible to say that Russia is in full swing the feminization of the staff of the school.This is due to the relatively low salaries of teachers in comparison with the high demands for the level and quality of work.Men go to the more prestigious profession and money.

However, it should be said that, despite all the difficulties, the Russian education is gradually re-occupies a leading position in the world community.Yes, the old system has collapsed and has outlived its usefulness.But today, the student and his parent have the right to choose the type of educational institution, which is closer to him.Previously, the school has been unified.Education has become more democratic, mobile and diverse.And this is its main advantage in comparison with the old approach.

Gradually the modern Russian school becomes more sophisticated in terms of material and technical provision.All schools have computers with high speed internet access.Actively introducing electronic journals and magazines, and other information technologies to facilitate the life and work of teachers, students and parents.
Thus, modern school there is still room to grow, but it is already laid a good foundation for the future of Russian society.