At the heart of sporting events is targeted activities related to physical activity.The inclusion of the person in physical education and sport contribute to the socialization forms are important for other activities, skills and abilities.This applies in particular to those sports in which a person acts in a team.
Sport - is a complex material and spiritual values ​​of social importance.In this collection includes, in particular, sports facilities, designed for training and monitoring the mass sports.In modern society, stadiums and other sports facilities are part of the architectural appearance of the city, creating the infrastructure for recreation and tourism.
to the spiritual values ​​of sport include information support of athletes, the advertising industry, works of art which reflect the various aspects of sporting life.The spiritual component of physical culture and sport is reflected in the formation of ethical standards, which are widely spread in society.
social events do not occur in isolation, but are closely related to each other.For this reason, physical education serves many different social functions of which can be considered the main function of integration.In this sense, sport is a means to bring people together into one, and identification with the team.As athletes and fans during the events are part of a community that has cohesion.
special social significance of sport acquired at the end of the XX century, as exemplified by the increasing interest in conducting world tournaments, championships, Olympic Games.Going to the international level, sport contributes to the strengthening of international relations and even becomes an instrument of policy between the individual countries.Sports teams are transformed into a kind of embassy friendship.
conscious use of sport in politics extends its social functions, creates conditions for the strengthening of national dignity and prestige in the world community.It is often used sports as a means of election campaigns.Political parties actively to recruit big-name athletes.Such co-operation increases the importance of a political union in the eyes of voters.