you need
  • • Internet access;
  • • knowledge addresses a person or entity to which you want the desired code;
  • • Tax records - for example, "the notice of registration of a natural person in the tax authority."
easiest to learn code tax authority the one who has been registered with the tax authorities as an individual entrepren
eur.In this case, the tax office will send a special notice of registration, which indicates code tax authority ( ).
If you are an individual entrepreneur and first enters into a relationship with the tax authorities, it code easy to find on the Internet.Just type in a search engine query: « code tax authority ».Online a lot of the resources that allow you to find code tax authority at the payer.For example, .Here you will easily find out not only the required code , but code OKATO and address of the tax inspectorate.You must select your region, then your location and address.Guide will give you all the desired data.
You can also visit the official website of the Federal Tax Service of Russia ( ).Here you can find everything you need to be honest taxpayer to settle its relations with the tax authority of .On the main page to find a section called "E-Services".Here, among the masses of useful services, there is a very useful service called "payment order".With it, even if you do not intend to fill this request, you can easily learn code tax authority .Not paying attention to the first paragraph of the filling, you need to press "Next".The page will open the line in which you need to select a region and then again click "Next".This opens the following paragraph addresses that you want to just fill.Progressively filling the address data and pressing the button all the time on "Next", you can get the desired code tax authority , which will be located at the end of the first paragraph of the payment document.All!Then you can not fill out the document as code tax authority (or the IRS code) received.