word "hat" from German means "hat, which retains a stable form."It consists of bottoms, and the crown of the field.For the manufacture of hats used straw, felt, cloth, leather, fur and fabric.Women's hat has always been at the center of the general public attention: the male gaze itself stayed at this ingenious construction.History headgear is rooted in the deep past.In fact, "father" of modern fashion hats first appeared at the time when a man had to be protected from the cold and the hot sun all available means, including by means of the first in the history of hats.
hat as a European cut suit, a class accessory meant human.In the XIX century Russian ladies hat has become an integral part of the appearance of any woman who would like to underline its involvement in another culture.Women's cap testified that the girl or woman
have a proper education, know the rules of social etiquette and theater, a ball or walk will choose the hat that fits the occasion.

winter of 1908-1909-th in the Russian Empire exotic female hat bizarre forms only began to emerge because even surprise people.Ladies' hats were decorated with bouquets of flowers or leaves, garlands of artificial poppies, roses and dahlias.The most luxurious decorated with dry or artificial insect wings, and even stuffed birds or at least generously decorated pen.

Hats wore a long dress with a collar under the throat and over or fuzzy waist.In the fashion came elongated silhouette.To visually lengthen the figure, it is wrapped in a spiral scarf or fur boa.Dresses often were made of satin or matte silk moire.The most popular colors are a combination of black with purple or fiery red, gray, gray-green and swampy green.
course, modern hats on their pre-images of the ancient era did not like.Centuries of changes in fashion "survived" a few models, which today is not without reason considered classics.In our time, the cap of the expensive and heavy materials in harmony with luxurious evening gowns of satin and silk, and the casual version of cap-Cloche of soft material is very similar to a conventional hat and can complement any casual wear.