The most common rumors arise in aspects related to the uncertainty of the situation.Because people are afraid of the unknown, they appear guesses about what's really going on.During the exchange of guesses and rumors are born.
Such rumors can be divided into the following types: hearing a dream, which is built on the individual's hopes for a positive resolution of the situation;hearing-bogey - as opposed to hearing a dream, embodies the predisposition of people to the adverse effects of events;ear-splitter - aims to set up one social group against others.All these kinds of rumors are helping people to adapt to the situation and the changes taking place, and discharged their emotions.
Rumors can be created on purpose.In this case, they will be aimed at a specific person or group of persons
.The purpose of these hearings can be slander or desire to create a stir to attract attention.Most often, this feature take on gossip.Gossip - a special mechanism for the formation of public opinion, based on the transmission of inaccurate or false information about popular personalities.This kind of interest to many rumors as they meet certain information requirements.
Going from person to person, the hearing is modified: some information is lost, and some embellished with new details.
Most often the creation and dissemination of rumors exposed to people with high levels of anxiety, or people who seek to demonstrate superiority in possession of information.Anxiety affects a person his desire to soon understand the situation, to understand it and decide how to proceed further.Excellence in possession of information is a means to improve the status.
Also, this method of communication used by people with the need to belong to a particular social group.Rumors can be a source of entertainment.
Best of all hearings are perceived by people with heightened suggestibility and unable to think critically.
Hearings are informal channel of communication in the organization, often equal in status between people.Usually it is subordinate.The main sources of hearing loss in the company may be a delay in making an important decision on the part of the authorities, "leaked" or ambiguous official information on any subject.Also, the reason for the rumors may be interpersonal conflict.