Igorevna Anastasia Petrik was the winner of the contest "New Wave", held in 2010 in Crimea.Also, the young singer won the contest "Junior Eurovision", which was held in Amsterdam in 2012.In addition, she participated in several other children's musical contests and prizes held there.In 2011, Nastia again performed at the competition "New Wave", where she performed the hit group The Beatles «Oh, darling», again hitting all the audience with his gorgeous voice.
Now the young talented singer only 12 years old.She was born May 4, 2002 in Ukraine, namely in the Odessa region, the village Nerubayske.Nastya - is not only a gifted child.Her older sister Victoria also has an incredible voice, resulting in has become one of the finalists of the contest "Junior Eurovision - 2008".
the first time people have noticed Anastasia Petrik in the popular television show "Ukraine Got Talent", the qualifying round of which was held in Odessa.This girl has a powerful vocal jazz, which is a rarity for young performers.Famous Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak even compared the voice of Anastasia voice of Ella Fitzgerald and one of the judges of the contest "New Wave" Igor Krutoy said the young rising star like an angel descended from heaven.He was fascinated by the beautiful singer and talent sincerely wished her success in all endeavors.
Fame came to Anastasia Petrik thanks to its successful performance in these musical competitions as the "Children's New Wave - 2010", which Nastya took the first place, "Young Galicia", where the girl also became the winner andand "Black Sea Games" in which a young singer became the winner of the second prize.
This girl is not only in Ukraine but also in Italy and in Russia.It can safely boast that she had to sing a duet with celebrities like Ani Lorak, Leonid Agutin, Philip and Nina Matvienko.In addition, Anastasia Petrik recorded the song "Little Soldier" to the popular rapper T-killah, which entered the album's debut album T-killah «Boom».
most popular songs performed by Anastasia Petrik is its composition "Heaven", "Mom and Dad", a song recorded together with her older sister Victoria - "I'm tired" and "Samotnya boss", "When you believe »and many others.