First, clearly define the direction in which you intend to get the sponsorship, because many foundations and charities are highly specialized and have limitations on a number of powers.For example, provide only technical assistance or finance only projects of individual citizens, or only work with legal entities.
collect from various sources all the necessary information about potential sponsors, compare their plans with the specifics of your chosen fund.
take the initiative in establishing contact: a) call the sponsor;b) make an appointment with a representative of the organization;c) send a letter of inquiry, which sets out the essence of the project and ask them to send a form to the application.This procedure is likely to requi
re you to some of the financial costs, depending on the remoteness of the fund (it may not be representative in Russia).However, a letter of inquiry - it is the least expensive way to the future of communication with the sponsor.
Make a request for financial assistance.Make it very succinctly, without unnecessary phrases and definitions.If you're having trouble at registration of a business letter, consult a specialist.
Application provide all necessary information: brief description of the project, information about its objectives, goals, and challenges the relevance of the study, and most importantly - about its prospects and future results.Do not forget to submit all the necessary information about the applicant.
Arrange the cover sheet and make a summary of the project.
If you have any questions, please enter in the search box of any search engine the word "fanrayzing."Despite the fact that as a result you can get thousands of links to addresses of various sites, the most popular searches to help you get acquainted with all the necessary materials and recommendations.