back after a holiday in the Crimea can bring not only photos of the Black Sea, palaces, caves and waterfalls, but also images of these ancient ruins, not conceding on picturesque Greek.These are the ruins of the ancient city Panticapaeum located on the territory of the modern city of Kerch, in the eastern part of the peninsula.Panticapaeum many centuries was the capital of the kingdom of the Bosporus.
Panticapaeum based came from Miletus in the end of VII century BC and existed in ancient times on the shores of present Kerch and Taman peninsulas.Name Panticapaeum may have Iranian or Thracian origin and means in translation "fishy way".There is another version about the name.It is believed that the city was named after the river Panticapaeum now Melek-Cesme.In ancient scales Panticapaeum was a large city, and held at the height of up to 100 hectares.Sailing t
he sea, admiring the Acropolis hill to the white stone church on top.On the slopes of the mountains on the wide terraces adorned with rich palaces.Excavations of the ancient Panticapaeum near Mount Mithridates show that in Hellenistic times, the city was surrounded by thick walls.The harbor docks can simultaneously receive up to thirty ships.In the center of policy in II, BC were built theater and a building for the city government - "pritanov" an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 450 square meters.m. pritanov had surrounded by a colonnade and statues courtyard with an altar for sacrifices.Of the many temples different special luxury temple of Apollo with six-columned portico and the temple Aspurgus.In the lower part of the city housed the port, the Agora, residential quarters.On the slopes of the remains of half-dugouts end of the VI century BC, the land of rich homes and apartment house with a yard Hellenic era.

During the archaeological excavations on the site where once stood Panticapaeum, found many historically valuable items: amphorae, painted pottery, coins, epigraphic documents, oldtableware, articles of gold and jewelry.Tragically, unlike many ancient cities, the majestic remnants of which are always surprising, Panticapaeum and its facilities were destroyed almost completely preserved a few ruins and burial of the ancient capital of the kingdom of the Bosporus.Now over Mount Mithridates obelisk of Fame, established in 1944.Next to him, the so-called "first chair of Mithridates," where, according to legend, the Pontic king admired the sea, the eternal flame burns in honor of the soldiers who stand in defense of the city of Kerch and liberated from the enemy.So echo time events in the history of Kerch, the successor of the ancient Panticapaeum.