Sentinel times of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich on the basis of the decree of the king had the right to prosecute and punish the inhabitants of Moscow for failure precautions when handling fire.The decree of the king was signed April 30, 1649.Tsar Peter the Great, went even further, he organized the first professional team of firefighters who had to have all district and provincial town.These teams are already equipped with professional equipment - carts with barrels of water, hooks, axes.Under Peter I organized the first fire station, and in urban and rural areas were instructed to build the fire tower on which duty patrol.In case of fire, they beat the alarm, notifying the fire district.

Everyday holiday

in modern day Russia firefighter was adopted by Presidential Decree April 30, 1999.Supervision of compliance with fire safety regulations by the State Fire Service, which is administered by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.Firemen who carry their difficult service, have at their disposal modern equipment and tools that help to successfully fight the fire.

festive day for the majority of firefighters - Labor Day.They, like any other day bear watch and go on calls, but there are some exemptions.For example, "deserved" can leave the house to watch a couple of hours earlier, and intercede to replace a couple of hours later, not at the expense of the service, of course.

Ceremonies cover mainly staff personnel, they also have an important job, which is simply not visible.The solemn celebration organized construction and shows, hosts concerts, amateur groups often act from among firefighters.

In recent years the Ministry of Emergency Situations are increasingly supports the creative endeavors of employees, but because April 30 arranged an exhibition of photographs of firefighters or poetry competitions.Very popular children's festivals, especially those touching look appearances kids who literally saved from the fire.


According to relevant laws State Fire Service oversees construction projects and is involved in acceptance of completed buildings.According to the rules that guide the firefighters, all residential buildings and production facilities must be equipped with an automatic alarm system in case of fire.Fire watch during construction to ensure that construction materials used in fire or materials impregnated with means of preventing fire.

All facilities should be equipped with fire extinguishers as the primary means of fire fighting.Fire extinguishers must be easily accessible and regularly checked for expiration.After checking the fire inspector issues a certificate of suitability of the extinguisher and assigns the next test period.In rural areas, are voluntary fire brigade DPD from the locals.By order of the Head of DPD each farmstead must have available equipment for fire fighting.This water barrels, buckets, hooks, axes, with which the owner has to come to the fire.