In accordance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation, the modern Russian state is a democratic, social, legal and federal.In fact, it does not fully comply with some of these characteristics, as the political regime, the composition of the subjects and the legal system has undergone many changes and continues to evolve to this day.
Experts believe that the Russian Federation "not up" to the highest world standards due to the fact that the country has seen the dominance of the executive branch, and its activities are not sufficiently controlled.For the state characterized by violent methods restore constitutional order and to belittle the role of legislatures and Parliament, the weakness of the judicial system, the lack of solid public
opinion, etc.
Russia is not a highly developed welfare state.About 1/3 of the population lives below the poverty line, and income "top" 10% of income exceeding 10% "lower" 14 times, which is one of the worst among the civilized countries.
modern Russian state structure is a federation, but there is a federal organization has drawbacks.The subjects of her are not equal, because they have a different structure of the legal system and subject to the neighboring republics and regions in different ways.
For the Russian polity characters traits parliamentary (the population has the right to influence the structure of the Russian Government and its actions, and the State Duma - to claim for the post of Prime Minister) and a presidential republic (at the behest of the President of the Russian Federation appointed by the Cabinet,produced dismissal Chairman of the Government, etc.).Legally, this is called a mixed form of government, poluparlamentarnoy or semi-presidential republic.
On public foundations of the Russian Federation - a secular state.Citizens have the right to freedom of religion and atheism.Religious foundations are not strict, but it is often observed in various areas of public life (such as the consecration rites military and government facilities).In recent years, the country is increasingly address the issue of transparency.Established during the formation of the modern Russian state, freedom of speech is gradually diminished and more and more bodies governed by public control.