Actually, this pyramid - not the pyramids, and mounds within a radius of 100 kilometers from the city of Xi'an in Shaanxi Province.Pyramids they were called impressionable groups of European tourists who have ventured to film objects located on the territory closed to foreigners.Pour oil on the fire and legends of local residents.Ostensibly in Central China aliens landed and put the pyramid using dragons to move.Whatever it was, the pyramids are amazing, especially the central pyramid of Sichuan, surpassing even the Pyramids of Giza in height.At the same time and efforts of local residents, who are eager to get hold of the clay for their needs, and tear chunks of the mound, it did not spoil the appearance of these mysterious phenomena.


The Chinese government is not too pleased with such attention to the pyramids from the West, so the excavations and research are forbidden there.This is due to the proximity to the missile launch complexes.On the other hand, the secrecy (especially the area planted with trees, in order to hide from view) is alarming.Perhaps the source is stored in the global knowledge that will change all the concepts about the world, and China in every way keeps people away.


Purpose mounds in two ways.There is much speculation about it.They hypothesize that it was a ritual system, which hints at a clear layout of the pyramids, virtually lineup.

This uncertainty attracts the minds of many people who come up with the most incredible interpretation of this puzzle.Lack mounds on aerial photography, seizure of photos and other attributes of secrecy excite the imagination.In fact, everything is much more prosaic.Like the Egyptian pyramids, these serve to give a last refuge to the emperor and his entourage.

Many have heard about the terracotta army.It is around these mounds, and it was discovered.The tombs themselves are surrounded by a clear area with all the infrastructure - fences, paths, some of which are preserved statues.Inside the tomb are spacious and are decorated with paintings on the walls are covered with plaster.The differentiation status, so that the Chancellor could not be buried in the pyramid is the same as that of the emperor.

Chinese mounds are still not well understood by European scientists for the above reasons, causing the society to strive to explain their purpose.Sometimes the theory is absurd.So long as the Chinese government did not provide access to the monuments and the book will come out about the mysterious alien-builders of the pyramids.