monogamous observed even in the Ancient World.The only correct point of view on this issue is not, but most scientists agree that even apes have used this form of living together.The behavior in the pack humanoid differs from most other species.

If man evolved along the way, for example, the same lion, it would hardly have managed to survive.The fact that the responsibility of one male one female significantly facilitates the process of bringing up children.In addition, men were very much appreciated in ancient tribes and therefore hold constant battles for women they could not.It is much easier to choose the female and live with it.

in history

In the course of the history of this practice only confirms.As men for a long time has a dominant position in the society, then it was on the
ir shoulders the responsibility for the fate of the family.Feed several wives and children - a very complex task.Especially if the person was not involved in any of the higher layers.

example, from the myths of ancient Greece and Rome, you can find out what the locals are also inclined to the idea of ​​monogamy.They could have several concubines or servants, but marriage has always been only one person.By the way, then it was extended to same-sex marriages.
Then came the turn of religion.Christianity and many other religions were strongly against polygamy.And since the majority of European countries support just such religious beliefs, polygamy will soon disappeared in the region at all.

In today's world

In today's world, this trend can also be seen.Material factors still play a significant role.If a man can not provide a woman and a child, then we can talk about several wives?However, there are other factors.For example, few of today's women ready to share the love of dear person.

In addition, a huge role is played by traditions, customs and laws.So in the Russian legislation specifies that marriage can only take place between two people.Marry again only after an official divorce.The Company is also not far behind.A man with several wives, is unlikely to find acceptance.

So we can safely say that monogamy - it's not bad.Humanity did not come in vain to form a relationship and are unlikely to abandon it in the near future.However, opponents of this idea can also safely exist in the world today.There are many countries, laws and customs which share their ideas.