causes of the appearance of word-parasites

In everyday life the appearance of those words seem meaningless.However, as explained by psychologists, the appearance of word-parasites makes it possible to serve as lecturers or other person to collect his thoughts.Without these words, he had to be constantly pausing to collect his thoughts, or think about the answer to a question.

main reason causing the appearance of words-parasites - the excitement, the nervousness that gripped the speaker in the presence of a large audience or superior.Also among the causes of word

-parasites can note inability to control himself during the discussion of acute problems and a lack of awareness on the subject being discussed.

way for you to deal with this bad habit

1. Teach yourself to hold.Before you start to cover a question, you need to calm down, drinking a glass of water.

2. As with excitement you can not handle, you need to talk too fast, and measured.But at the same time it should not seem like a slow-motion playback track.It is necessary to choose such a rate of speech that would be convenient for both the speaker as well as for the audience.

3. It is necessary to try not to take part in the discussion or issues that are not known lecturer.

4. The fourth method can be called so-called "gaming mode".He's like all the participants of the agreement (in the case of children).A man who uttered in conversation word-parasite, a fine is imposed in the form of candy or small coins, which he puts into the container, which then gets colleagues for tea.

All of these methods allow a person to deal effectively with the glory of parasites.