what arguments operates conservatism

desire to preserve the existing forms of social life is well known since the time of the French Revolution.Then the support of the conservative way of the ecclesiastical and secular feudal lords, for which the new liberal course become unheard of audacity, an attack on the legacy of centuries of history.

main argument speaking in favor of the conservative way of life, it is the cult of tradition, patriotism, national culture and morality.In a conservative society state interests prevail over the interests of the individual, is very strong credibility of public institutions such as the church, the school, the family and the state as a whole.Social changes occur and if, then very carefully, gradually, without causing drastic and controver
sial public reactions.

Thus, conservative way implies the existence of strong families, strong hierarchical state and the continuity in the development of man and society.When the conservative way of every person on the one hand feels protected, on the other hand aware of its public debt.

positive and negative sides of the conservative way of

The biggest plus of conservatism - the confidence that it gives people.Indeed, if such a mode was observed for many centuries, so also this time did not disappoint.In a conservative society man knows his place, and lives according to notions about the roles and responsibilities that it implies.During the existence of failure to establish an effective system of transmission of values ​​in the form of training and education, so the person at an early age social system seems simple and transparent.Preservation of ancient traditions attaches special importance to religion, and religion gives a person confidence in the correctness (or incorrectness) life.

However, not everything is so nice and good, the negative moments in a conservative way of also missing.First of all, this is a simplification of reality, reducing it in the usual boundaries that do not always correspond to reality.Therefore, when a really difficult issues conservative society or pretend that the problem does not exist, or do yourself is worse, relying on the "grandfather" methods that no longer work.The downside is the inhibition of the progress - any scientific studies that refute or calling into question the established rules, are perceived with hostility.As a result, the structure of the conservative way of near neighbors, practicing more liberal views, it is a colossus with feet of clay.