To give primacy?

Strictly speaking, the very first university emerged in the western world can be regarded as Constantinople, founded in 425 AD, but the status of the university received only 848 in the year.Students enrolled in it, received knowledge in the field of medicine, law and philosophy.In addition, one of the compulsory subjects was rhetoric - the ability to express their thoughts.Since IX century this institution and others began to study natural sciences: astronomy, arithmetic, geometry and music.But as Constantinople, formerly known as the city that is now called Istanbul, located on the border of Euro
pe and Asia, many are inclined to give the palm to the Italian city of Bologna University, which was founded in 1088 AD

This is the first educational institution in Western Europe has been given a charter from Frederick I Barbarossa in 1158, by then 70 years at the University, students studied the course of theology and civil law.Charter gave the right of the university to realize its research and educational programs independently from the church or from secular authorities.Since that time, the program was incorporated course of grammar, logic and rhetoric.University of Bologna - the oldest educational institution carries out continuous educational activities and provides its graduates an academic degree.He currently is the second largest of the Italian universities.Today, its 23 faculties are trained about 100 thousand students.Other

oldest universities in Europe

In 1222, former teachers and students of the University of Bologna, clashed with his leadership, in other Italian cities - Padua was founded a new school to the university program and the level of education.This university has two branches, one student studied theology, civil and canon law, on the other - medicine, rhetoric, philosophy, dialectics, grammar, astronomy and medicine.

In the English-speaking world's oldest university is recognized Oxford, the year of its foundation - 1117. Originally, its walls received Theosophical education English clergy, but from the XIII century, it began to study higher nobility.At present, this institution preparing students in the humanities, mathematicians, physicists, sociologists, physicians, botanists, ecologists and others.

other old European university is the French Sorbonne, founded in 1215.First it was the union of ecclesiastical colleges, but since 1255 the institution got the right to study theology, young people from poor families.Since the XVI century, the Sorbonne University is the center of European philosophical thought.