Pavlov's contribution to the development of science has been appreciated by the world scientific community.In 1904, the researcher received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, and in 1912 the University of Cambridge - one of the oldest universities in the world - the Russian scientist elected an honorary doctor of science.

Student gift

1912 when Cambridge University had the high honor of Pavlov, was significant for the institution of 250 years ago, King Charles II of England signed the document, re-enable its activities.

ceremony honoring distinguished foreign academics solemnity.Among other researchers awarded the title, Pavlov entered the meeting hall at Cambridge University in a black velvet beret and a scarlet cloth gown, adorned with a gold chain, as prescribed by the university tradition.Stude
nts at the meeting were not allowed, but no one forbade them to attend the upper galleries of the hall, where they gathered in large numbers.It is an invention of the students made this memorable ceremony.

died away when solemn speeches, was awarded an honorary diploma and a solemn procession with Pavlov headed toward the exit, the students lowered on a rope from the gallery into the hands of the scientist stuffed toy - dog decorated with rubber and glass tubes.This was an allusion to the tube fistula, which the researchers used in their experiments on dogs, studying the role of conditioned reflexes in the regulation of the digestive system.

Pavlov was very touched by such a gift, I did not leave him until the end of life, after the death of the scientist toys were kept in his museum-apartment in St. Petersburg.

author of the idea

Supplement to the ceremony in a funny gift from the students may seem original, but in Cambridge, this happened more than once.

In 1877, the University of Cambridge was awarded the title of Doctor of Science, another scientist whose discovery, as well as the teachings of Pavlov, produced a revolution in biology.We are talking about the founder of evolutionary theory of the origin of species - Darwin.During the ceremony, the students let down from the gallery of a toy monkey and transplanted ribbon ring, symbolizing the missing link of evolution between ape and man.

When Cambridge honored Pavlov, among the students was the grandson of Charles Darwin, who, of course, knew the story of the life of his famous grandfather.It was he who proposed to present Russian scientist unusual gift.