Peculiarities of the National Japanese cuisine

The formation of the national cuisine of Japan influenced the country's geographical location and natural features.Japan is a small densely populated country where there is no possibility to withdraw large areas of agricultural land, even fewer opportunities exist for the development of animal husbandry.These factors led to the prevalence of seafood in the diet of mostly Japanese.

Who can not appreciate the taste of a fugue, he is not able to admire the Fujiyama

About puffer fish heard everything.But it is possible to try only in Japan, and only in special restaurants.

puffer fish belongs to the family pufferfish (Tetraodontidae) and is considered one of the most poisonous fish in the world.The poison is tetrodotox
in in liver, eggs, milk, leather and in the gall bladder, which can not be eaten.

first signs of poisoning - itching and burning of the mouth, vomiting, diarrhea, severe stomach pains.Symptoms begin to appear after 10-15 minutes after the poisoning.If you do not provide emergency medical assistance begins numbness of the skin, difficult swallowing, sits vote.Death occurs due to paralysis of the respiratory muscles, there is no antidote.

Although the puffer fish are poisoned each year up to 50 people, more than half of which survives, it remains a favorite of the Japanese product and one of the main lures foreign tourists.

How to eat fugu poison and

fugu poisoning occurs exclusively in the home, in attempts to self-catering.Visitors restaurants protected from such problems.

Cooking fugu chefs are entitled only to specially trained and licensed.Skill cook is not so much the art of cooking, as in the ability to cut and cook the fish so as to neutralize the poison.

any frills cooking is considered to be deliberately left in the processing of a small concentration of the poison.Dish of the fugue with a share of the poison causes a feeling close to light drugs.

poisonous puffer acquires properties in the process of supply, that is, in itself it is not poisonous.Artificial cultivation of fugue to the regulation of the diet deprives its toxic properties.The possibility of artificial breeding non-poisonous fugu does not please the Japanese, since it is associated with poisonous fish whole layer of their culture, as well as the income of a large sector of the food industry in Japan.