Lord of the time - the "title" would help much.If you are able to manage time, you can take it all."Curb" time - not an easy task.But you can try.


first and foremost.Disorganization leads to the fact that a lot of time spent on searches.Folder in the computer on the desk of papers, pens, car keys ... All should be clear organization and system.Pedants that are put into place, not always enthusiastically perceived by others.But they do not spend a single minute of time searching for tools, thanks to which can have time to implement a lot of brilliant ideas.


There are lots of tools for planning time.This calendars, paper and electronic diaries, stickers, notebooks - any convenient ways to take notes fit.Its time you need to plan.It's not as difficult as it seems, as there is
raw data - 24 hours.Learn how to "paint" the 24 hours - the main task.To cope with it, we must be able to prioritize.

priorities and objectives

Setting goals and setting priorities - one of the most important positions in the management of time.If you do not have goals, you can find out what is more important?Priorities - this is the most important goal.And plan their implementation, it is necessary to mark the time that it takes.But not all goals are important.Cost to leave the place and for the purposes of secondary importance.And just the fact that "polentyaynichat."


Everything, even the most beautiful "doing nothing" come to an end.The more important things to do is a must.And it must come to an end in the allotted time.Do not let yourself indulgences "five minutochek."Succeed in a period not shoot down the graphics and do not break plans.Instead, try to plan with a small margin, to be cherished for five minutes for a break and the next planning.


Do not hesitate to contact assistants.It may not necessarily be the people (though, professionals trust the work he would do in an hour, while you spend half a day on it, it is not unreasonable)."Assistant" can be all kinds of household appliances, which greatly save your time and effort.

ability to say "no┬╗

Do not waste your time in vain.Learn to say "no" to his friends, who like two o'clock to talk on the phone, the neighbors to help make repairs or a relative, who asked to sit with their dog.Say "yes" in response to the invitation to spend the time, only when it is really necessary.