primarily after the first night of love in any case should not start a conversation with a man cohabitation or marriage.If a woman starts to rush things when a man still resides in the sweet bliss, which he presented to a sexual relationship with her, the charm can be destroyed.

The same applies to the "relaxation" of the woman after fortress fell - not recommended to turn from beautiful seductive nymphs aunt wearing a wrinkled robes and slippers shuffling around the apartment at 6 o'clock in the morning in the direction of the TV or computer.

Some women with fine mental organization inclined after the first sex one way or another to reproach men that they got their, and what to do now seduced lady?Men begin to feel backed into a corner

that does not contribute to the strengthening of relations.

If a man after the first sex did not call in during the day, do not panic and keep ringing smsit him in an attempt to find out whether he is alive.Rather, he is alive, but a hellishly busy or decided not to continue dating (which is likely).In any case, you should be patient and wait a bit.

Another common mistake after the female sex is the sharp aggravation of possessiveness.It is only natural, but we should remember that these feelings better to hide from men, friends of old men and girlfriends of men.Woman withering glance all who approach her favorite, often just looks silly.

Get up in the morning and proudly leave until he offered to call a taxi - is not the best option to continue dating.Perhaps the man is willing to offer a hand and heart, but not solved, seeing that a woman with a straight face is already on the threshold, as if nothing had happened.

Also, do not rush to the other extreme, lashing out at the man in the morning as if he were the last man on Earth.Generally after sex is best not to show his excessive enthusiasm to partner not lifted ahead of time and did not feel his power over women.

Finally, in any case should not be after the sex the man says that he is much better than the last (ing) partner (ry) women.Compliments can and should say - but as if the man's first and only.