Petting called entertainment without direct sexual intercourse.According to the false belief petting considered sex for teens, since this version is eliminated the usual caresses the penetration of the penis into the vagina.
gentle pleasure of petting can be obtained at any age, contrary to what sexologists do not take seriously the intimate joy.

Petting in ancient times

back in antiquity skills petting actively explore the beautiful courtesans.Each temple priestesses lived, can plunge a partner in the sweet ecstasy only touches without intercourse and stimulation of the genitals.To master the techniques of petting, girls were taught this for a long time: the erogenous zones studied human touch honed skill.Interestingly, some courtesan has an amazing talent to collect all available sexual energy into his own hands in the finger
tips.It is clear that with such an approach men literally melt in their hands.

Secrets priestesses to modern times, of course, never reached.It is unlikely that today someone can lead a spouse to bliss only one touch.It really is incredibly difficult.However, in modern lovers petting has a lot of interesting techniques caresses.

Species diversity petting

Petting - is an art in the field of sex, and it is separated into species.Nekking involves mutual affection, but only within the upper part of the body of the partner.All that is below the navel - a taboo.You can caress all the upper zone of sensuality - the mouth, neck, breasts, ears, etc.To stimulate a partner, you can use your fingers and lips, tongue, and his own chest, locks of hair, and even breathing.
With high degree of excitation nekking leads to the satisfaction of both partners.

Surface petting based on the fact that men and women caress, while being dressed.This is a special clothing that inflames tactile sensations and repeatedly deepens excitement.For surface petting perfectly resemble cambric and chiffon dresses, silk and satin.It is important that the clothes are not drowned out tactile sensations.

Deep petting - a caress all areas of the body, even genitals.Naked partners can touch each other as you wish, to apply the mutual masturbation, cunnilingus and stimulate the sex organs all sorts of body parts (eg, breast).The essence of deep petting based on mutual friction, without the usual penetration.