Required whether orgasm

If a male orgasm is more or less clear, because without it is impossible to fertilization, the female orgasm with more complicated.It is peculiar, not all females among the animals, with the exception of certain mammals.Many women do not experience orgasm, too, for different reasons, but are often afraid to admit it.Some sexologists called orgasm social phenomenon rather artificially cultivated, rather than physiological.

The female orgasm is a complex mechanism of action.Its occurrence involved a number of processes of the brain and spinal cord.In general, an orgasm - it is an absolute jerk.However, unlike men healthy woman often learns what an orgasm is, after a few years of active sexual life.

In the future, a woman can not have an orgasm during every sexual intercourse.The norm is considered an orgasm in h
alf the cases.Many women never experience orgasm and suffer acquired anorgasmia.According to statistics, less than 70% of women are able to have an orgasm, but to strive to research and development of your body sensuality and sexuality still stands.In this case, a woman can help a man to satisfy her.

general orgasm is individual, and each woman has "their" feelings.It can be vaginal, but more often clitoral, anal, oral, and other locations.Everything depends on the erogenous zones.In this case, the woman is not experiencing pleasure from the sexual act, and by caressing her clitoris, etc.In practice there are cases when women pretend to orgasm, unwilling or afraid to admit to your partner that they do not feel adequately pleasure from copulation.

Signs orgasm

Common to all women are feeling the heat, blood flow to the lower abdomen, trembling all over the body, especially in the legs.Fast breathing or fading, changing movements of women, tight muscles of the vagina, moaning, etc. - Are signs that help identify a man orgasm from the partner.Sometimes some manifestations of this condition are weak and almost invisible.Female orgasm lasts 4-6 seconds, as well as men.

According to research sexologists, the female orgasm is much brighter than the male.Sometimes a woman may even lose consciousness with pleasure.There are cases when the male and female orgasm at the same time.This happens when a man is not reaching the top of their emotions, it brings to the "peak" partner, at this time, he restrains himself.