condoms have no expiration date.This is not so, condoms should not be stored more than 3-4 months.

can not get pregnant if the woman has sex standing up.Nonsense - if the sperm has been put into the vagina, the more they do not care in which direction to move.

Pregnancy can occur during oral sex.Some young girls think so, though it is funny.You can be sure - in the stomach and digestive tract no egg, so pregnancy is simply impossible!

Coitus interruptus.Many couples think that enough time to get the member before the onset of ejaculation, but eventually many become parents against their will.It's simple - the semen from the penis stands out even during intercourse.Sometimes it is a droplet to a pregnancy test showed two bands.

Women who are breastfeeding can not become pregnant.This folk tale.Fee

ding prevents pregnancy only when inhibits ovulation.Ovulation occurs a few weeks after birth, therefore, there will be also an opportunity to re-conception.It should be noted that after delivery Conception highly undesirable from a medical point of view.If the woman's body will not rest between births within two years, the next baby may be born weak.

urine kills sperm.The people say, that after intercourse lady enough to go to the toilet and pee.But this is another old wives' tale.In urine there are no special properties that are harmful to sperm.

tampon as a means against unwanted pregnancy.Yes, the tampon prevent members enter fully into the vagina, but it is not an obstacle for sperm.So do not be protected in such a questionable way.In addition, the member may drive a tampon so deep that get it will be very difficult.

For a week and a week after menstruation safe period - you can not get pregnant.Unfortunately, this period is not always safe, any day of the cycle to conceive a child, even during the critical days themselves.