Remember that some members of the sterner sex love feeling overbearing and overriding.Tell your lover that today it will be dominant, and you - his submissive.Now you must obey its second half and unconditionally fulfill all his whims and wishes.In these games you can use any accessories that you both enjoy.It may be belts, ropes, handcuffs, leather whips, anal plugs, vaginal balls, etc.

In addition, role-playing games is not necessarily to become submissive and dominant.You can simply buy a sexy nurse costume, a policeman or a maid to come up with some script and make it a reality.Your man will surely be delighted by this.

not forget that in the sexual life of constant partners all the time you need to make some change.Explore the special book, select the new positions, which will please not only you but also your l

over.However, be forewarned him that for the pleasure of your partner you have studied a variety of materials, or your man may think that he had a rival, who has taught you something new.

also for the greatest satisfaction a man can use oral sex.If between you and before such action was permissible, you can improve your skills, learn the art of deep blowjob.During his performance of a member of your men must be fully immersed in your mouth and throat.In order to overcome the gag reflex, pre-start daily training, using warm banana or a long cucumber.In addition, you can every day to massage the root of the tongue with two fingers.The first time you will be difficult to cope with the discomfort, but then it will pass.

also can please your man preliminary passionate dance with elements of striptease.Remember to look sexy, you should feel the same way.Forget your complexes and distress, then you will be able to fulfill a chic dance that will excite your partner.