However, sexuality can form various difficulties associated with the wrong sex education, and to the lack of necessary knowledge and practice.Therefore, if you are experiencing similar difficulties, you can find tips in different methods by which you can enhance your sexuality.Among these methods is one of the main places takes an erotic massage.

The purpose of this massage is to create favorable conditions for sensual pleasure and, ultimately, get an orgasm.

get an orgasm favors gentle stroking of the body and erogenous zones.These areas respond well to stroking hands.Their excitement is passed through the body.For a pleasant massage effects need your looseness and looseness of your young person to help find out where you are located erogenous zones.Erotic massage - a rich field for the m

anifestation of fantasy.

erotic massage technique

Prepare for erotic massage morally.To do this, take along with your favorite shower or bath.Massage can be done in bed, on the floor, the bath, etc., wherever you wish.It is better to do, accompanied by relaxing music and candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

sexy massage consists of the basic techniques of classic massage:
• strokes,
• pressing,
• vibration,
• grinding,
• kneading.

At massage using special massage oils, hand to more easily slid over the body.

to start follow simple stroking his hand, adding rubbing his fingertips.
generating traffic in the direction of the costal arches to the shoulders, then gently stroke the side surfaces of the body.Stroking the abdomen and genital area spend the palm and fingers very gently, gently touching them.

motivate each other, with an emphasis on sexual organs and the whole body, you can only after a relaxing massage.His reception begins from the back, as the impact on the zone causes a comfortable and pleasant.Next, the stroking or rubbing slight skin with fingertips.At a slow pace massage soothes and relaxes.

massage the inner thigh and feet leads to stimulation and arousal.
To stimulate your favorite, you can massage his penis with his hands.Your thumb should be positioned on the lower part of the penis - to the place where the head connects with the stem, located opposite the large index and other fingers - around the penis.

you can stimulate the penis, but you have to stop this action, as soon as you notice the appearance of your male ejaculation feeling of emergency.In this case, you have 3-4 seconds to squeeze the head.Squeezing made strongly enough and on time, immediately inhibits the ejaculatory reflex.After 30-40 seconds, you can continue the stimulation.

Personal erotic massage - mutual consent and pleasure.You do not need to follow all the requirements, follow the call of your body and the body of a loved one.Only then an erotic massage is sure to bring pleasure to you both.