In one English laboratory scientists claim that sex produce hormones serotonin and dopamine, which help improve mood, help people to fully enjoy life and be happy, because at the timeintercourse in human blood to the hormone endorphin.That is why regular sexual life helps get rid of stress, depression, mental health support in the norm.However, in order to be in a good mood and feel in good shape, it is not necessary to join with someone in an intimate relationship, since these hormones can be obtained by some other means.
To fill your body with serotonin, you can eat products such as figs, chocolate, milk, fatty fish and bananas.If you do not want to include in your diet, these products you can buy at the pharmacy, some drugs that also make up for the lack of this hormone in your body.In addition, sci
entists believe that serotonin is produced when consuming alcoholic beverages, but this method is not reliable enough, since the hormone resulting from drinking alcohol production too quickly excreted from the body.
hormone dopamine can also be obtained not only by conducting a regular sex life.When a person eats and gets pleasure from taking a particular food, his body begins to actively develop this hormone.The most interesting is that the enjoyment of the delicious food the amount of dopamine generated far more than in sex.There are two processes that contribute to filling the body with this substance - smoking and anticipation shopping.
Another hormone that is released during sexual intercourse - endorphin.It can be obtained by engaging in art or sports, being in a good mood (laughter enhances the production of this hormone) and eating sweets.
Remember that the absence of a sexual partner a toll on your physical and mental health is often the case, if you are obsessed with it.Try to distract yourself from negative thoughts and focus on some other interesting and important lesson, then you will not be so hard to experience a lack of love from the opposite sex.