Condoms - the best means of contraception?

There is a misconception that a condom - a universal means of contraception, which is guaranteed to protect against unwanted pregnancy.In fact, there are a number of reasons why even the most reliable condoms can misfire.In most cases this is due to the lack of basic skills to use and light-minded attitude to the protection of sexual intercourse.

Condom - the most accessible and popular means of protection, the main advantage of which is the lack of side effects.However, inexperienced men often do not even bother to get acquainted with clearly illustrated instructions, afraid to look ridiculous in the eyes of your partner.Therefore, it is safe to say that getting pregnant using a condom, it is possible.
if the partner does not like using condoms, you can turn to oth
er methods of protection - oral contraceptives, hormone injections, suppositories, intrauterine devices, etc.

Why condom breaks

In most cases, condoms are torn because of the lack of lubrication in women and mikrorastyazheny to latex, which appear as a result of high mechanical load during intercourse.This is especially true when properly choose the size of a condom.We should not forget that latex - a porous material, and therefore short-term tension can easily cause emissions into the vagina of a small number of sperm, which will cause an unwanted pregnancy.Before using it is necessary to look at the date of manufacture of the condom, since using expired contraception, sexual partners at times increase the risk of adverse effects.
Even the best and most popular manufacturers of condoms with mandatory testing of electronic products do not give an absolute guarantee to consumers.

errors when using a condom

unwanted pregnancy often occurs due to the assumption of sexual partners a number of errors.The most common of them - putting on a condom only when the output "on the final straight."The fact that in the lubrication men having a scientific name of pre-ejaculate may contain minor amounts of sperm, which is sufficient for conception.So wear a condom should be only at the beginning of intercourse, otherwise defeats the purpose of this method of contraception.Sometimes the condom falls off during intercourse and remains inside the vagina.This occurs due to improper use, so inexperienced partner still should begin with a study guide.